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Peter Paulsen – bass guitar (Photo by Eyecup)Every human being is different, every instrument is different. At the same time there are a lot of things we share, which are universal and which connect us. Music has the power to create moments of connection. When the musician forgets himself and merges into the community of a pulsating band and the listener is so smitten he completely dives into the music, than it is one of these key moments of which all involved rave about, often even years later. It is the moment when borders are falling, in which musician, band and listener feel connected. A moment of inspiration and delight. Such an experience often triggers the wish to learn an instrument oneself.

But before the spark can overleap the musician must learn to control his instrument. To convince his audience, he must be able to perform unstrained and self-confident on stage, with trust in his own musically capabilities.

It is my goal to teach my students the skills that qualifies them to play and express themselves free on their instrument, beyond thoughts about scales and musical theory.

As a teacher I respond to the personal peculiarities and likings of my students and help them to find their own voice on their instrument. Therefore I develop an individual teaching concept step by step with each of my students, which is syntonized of already existing attainments and skills and also factors in the learning rates. Through this the student is protected from hardship and subchallenging, so the most important does not get lost – the joy of playing music.

Private Lessons

Individual lessons on an 1:1 basis.
Lesson time: 1–3 hours per lesson
Total cost: 60,– €/hour
Where: Kiel, Germany

Skype Lessons

Wherever you live, get your private lesson at home.
Lesson time: 45 minutes per lesson
Total cost: 45,– €
Requirements: Skype account, stable internet connection,
Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet, bass guitar (ideally connected to your device)

Possible Subjects of the lessons

  • play techniques
  • rhythmic
  • groove/timing
  • harmonic theory
  • posture
  • musical theory
  • intonation
  • improvisation
  • sight-reading
  • musical styles
  • maintenance and adjustment of the instrument


7 years and older

How to get in touch

You can call me: +49.431.160 86 16, write an e-mail to: mail@peterpaulsen.net or use the contact form on this website.
Please send me a few lines about your interests, your skill level and the topics that you like to work on.
I’m looking forward to hear from you!